Let It Snow!

pexels-photo-269370.jpegThe Colorado mountain snowpack is at its lowest level in nearly three decades.  Our water reserves are threatened, pine needles are falling by the hundreds, and our ski resorts are feeling Mother Nature’s financial sting.   We wonder and worry how much longer this will go on.

Fear not fellow snow worshipers, it seems the weather gods have heard our recent prayers and a measurable amount of snow is in the forecast for Denver, the Front Range, and our mountain towns.  It’s clearly time to celebrate, right?  One might think so, but in reality, the impending snow is making everyone a little flaky.  Just the mention of a few inches of the white stuff after a dry spell creates a Colorado phenomenon that makes your seemingly normal neighbor completely obsessed with snow panic.

Snow panic turns the average citizen into a crazed, shopping maniac who will do battle over parking spaces, grocery carts and even that last loaf of flattened bread someone hastily tossed back on the shelf in all of the frenzy.   Have we forgotten that this is Colorado?  We are tough here.  This is the home of the Mile High City, the hearty,  the athletic and the Gortex loving die-hards who wear flip-flops and shorts in January.

Relax, we’ve got this.  Chill out fearless neighbors and know that if you go for a day without that fried egg sandwich and ice cold glass of milk, this too shall pass and the sun will most certainly come out tomorrow.


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