Oh Broncos, Wherefore Art Thou?

IMG_2463Here we go folks, it’s the weekend that die-hard Bronco fans have earmarked on their calendars from now until eternity.  But alas, a dismal Bronco season has left us with our freshly pressed team gear, orange and blue flags, bottomless glassware, tasseled party hats and blazing fog horns neatly stowed away until, well, maybe next year.

Bronco fans are the greatest fans in the NFL, or so we have been told.  We will forever sing the praises of John Elway.  He has reinvented, restored and regenerated Denver football more than once both as a player and a manager.  Vance Joseph, however,  has an entirely different story and has left us worse for the wear after one long and painful season. It’s more than worrisome that  Elway is choosing to retain him as head coach.

Under Joseph’s leadership, we find ourselves at the end of the worst season in the history of the franchise with a dismal 5 and 11 record.  Joseph’s coaching strategies are nothing short of baffling.   How is it possible that a team who won the Superbowl two short years ago is now content with a coach reacting to such an embarrassing season with comments like,  “This team has played hard. … Unfortunately, we’ve turned the ball over at a rapid rate. But as far as effort, guys are finishing games.” Wait, what?  Our goal now is to make it four quarters and we celebrate?  Not exactly the caliber the greatest fans in the NFL are accustom to.

Much more than the ludicrous goal of just surviving the full sixty minutes on the field is the character demonstrated by Joseph.   Leaders must have integrity that is demonstrated over time and in all situations.  We’ve seen first hand as a nation powerful men with absolutely no integrity; #metoo, Nassar, Trump and yes Bronco fans, even Vance Joseph.  He does not deserve to lead this team unless and until he is accountable for the alleged sexual assault scandal while he was coaching at CU Boulder in 2004. What makes it so much worse is that the Bronco organization knew about and chose to ignore the allegations.   “While we were aware of these accusations, he was not charged with anything from the report filed in 2004.”

Come to think of it, maybe next year will find us on the sidelines too.  Real leadership, a winning team, deserves more than what we have now and can only happen through the courage to change and confront our mistakes.  Vance Joseph is a huge mistake.  Mark your calendars Bronco fans, Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 is closer than you think.






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