Raising Colorado Kids

Raising kids is tough.  Full time, don’t stop till you drop, tough.  Raising kids in Colorado comes with its own unique challenges.  Whether you are a soon to be a parent, or on the other side of the game as a grandparent, here are some thoughts to keep in mind about nurturing our young Coloradoans.

Teach Your Children Well

Colorado is an educated state with over half of her residents continuing to learn beyond high school.  Parents are without question the most influential and important teacher a child will ever have.  The thing is, it’s not about verse or equations, formulas or factors.  It’s about humility, curiosity, empathy, and relationships.   Live like you mean it people and teach your babies to do the same.

It’s Colorado, Go Outside!

Colorado has four identifiable seasons that are ideal for pushing the reset button when predictability and monotony leave our small people a little crunchy around the edges.  It doesn’t matter which season or what age, there is always something new to experience as a child growing up in Colorado.  Go fishing, hiking, rock collecting or biking.  Soak in the Colorado sunshine and revel under her blue skies. Life is good here – rediscover the beauty at every age and every stage.

Growing From The Inside Out

Teach your children to take ownership for their decisions and while you’re at it, show them how you’ve learned from the mistakes you’ve made along the way.  Model forgiveness of self and others and demonstrate humility.  We must stand strong as families, communities and as the great state of Colorado.

Change is in the air for us politically and ethically and our children’s futures hang in the balance.  Our greatest resource continues to be our Colorado kids.  Let’s grow them strong, raise them well and face whatever change comes our way Colorado proud.

A furry child.

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