So You Call Yourself A Native?

How do you know you are a true Colorado native?  Is it by the number of Aspen trees you’ve planted in your backyard?  Possibly the home brew fermenting happily in your basement? Could it be the SUV complete with ski rack mount and plenty of room for your 80 pound, four-legged hiking companion parked outside?  No, no and no.

True Colorado natives share a secret smile at the mention of  The Organ Grinder, Shakey’s Pizza or the original Elitch Gardens.  True natives actually took their first breath right here in Colorado, along the 39th parallel.  East of Utah, south of Wyoming, west of Kansas… well, you get the picture.  So to the woman I met in the library last week,  I am revoking your self-applied native status because you moved here when you were six.  You are not a native.  And now that I am a retired, fifty-something, empty nester it is my one claim to fame I am not willing to share.  So just, don’t – go – there.

And by the way, to those non-natives, and you know who you are. Welcome!  Seriously, I’m glad you’re here.  You bring diversity, warmth, innovation and a fresh perspective.   Stay awhile, Colorado is a great place to call home.  Just ask a native!

Estes Lake Bird Sanctuary and Golf Course

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